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Raveevarn Choksombatchai; CED, Berkeley, CA
Jay Atherton; CED, Berkeley, CA

This proposal for a small observation center in the Marin Headlands calls for a series of cavern-like spaces connecting the two sides of the point underground. In response to the visceral nature and immense presence of the ocean and waves, different entrances are accessed at different heights of tide. Light is brought into the caverns by a series of shafts reaching from the hallways to the surface. These spots of light guide travel throughout the dark hallways which then open into the lighter programmatic spaces.
Representations consider the material properties of wire. On one hand, notions of interior and exterior are inverted, rendering the solidity of the mountain as a void, and the open volumes inside as solid masses of wire. On the other, the same varieties of wire represent what they did at the site scale, but now using traditional expectations of interior and exterior.