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Jay Atherton; CED, Berkeley, CA

This project takes inspiration from and heroically represents the way in which water interacts with a site in the Marin Headlands. The form of the building is realized as a progression of cascading volumes placed between a set of primary walls, each of which reacts to diagrammatic studies investigating the paths water has taken over this steep terrain.
The programmatic spaces focus toward the water in the front of them, progressing downwards and towards the bay in parallel. One branch of the building contains the more public program of a library, café, and gallery, while the other contains a video-artists residence, and studio. The two volumes converge at the cinema.
The site model is constructed as an investigation of hard and soft, considering how fluid plaster can be. The model of the physical building is conceived as a single mass to sit in stark contrast to the site around it, clearly intruding upon, and simultaneously aligning with, the paths water had taken down the slope millions of times.