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Kasra Yazdanbakhsh
Tina Lee

Gail Brager: CED, Berkeley, CA
Stefano Schiavon; CED, Berkeley, CA
Caroline Karmann; CED, Berkeley, CA

Inspired by the Berkeley Art Museum lighting design, this project aims to create an art gallery that allows visitors to simultaneously experience a variety of art, from sculptures to light sensitive works, as well as changes in interior environment, offering differentiation in lighting, material, and sound between different sections of the building.
Entering the museum from the city, visitors will first encounter the bright sculpture and modern photography area. When traveling up the ramp into the deeper part of the exhibition gallery, the space will gradually become dimmer until visitors reach the light-sensitive artwork gallery, reserved for daguerreotype photographs. We believe the multi-sensory tour is able to strengthen the memory and the feelings of visitors when encountering different types of artworks.